Penguins And Unicorns = Pengcorns..............Made By Marzan Noshin ^_^
Marzan Noshin Marzan Noshin Marzan Noshin
Marzan Noshin Marzan Noshin Marzan Noshin
Marzan Noshin A Pengcorn is a mythical creature that has existed for over centuries! They have the body of a penguin and they have head like features of a unicorn! They appear in broad daylight when there is double layered chocolate cake with vanilla frosting in the clouds. Like humans, they come in all different shapes and sizes! Marzan Noshin

Can I Become A Pengcorn?

The answer is a yes! Anyone can become a Pengcorn if they believe hard enough! In order to become a Pengcorn, one must truly be ready to give up everything. When ready, one must follow any of these rituals!

Pengcorn Characteristics

Pengcorns are hostile creatures that can and will attack those with negative intentions. Female Pengcorns are more hostile than males. Pengcorns have the opposite gender body parts compared to humans. Although Pengcorns can be hostile, they are more nurtering than others. The male Pengcorns are more loving to the female Pengcorns than men are to women.

What happened to the Kingdom Of Pengcornia?

Pengcorns are a rare species with a population of 2 due to global warming! Back in 1995, a man named Donald Trump had believed that global warming was a scam. In order to prove that he was right, he went through the Himalayan mountains in order to find proof to prove that he was right. During his journey, he found the Kingdom Of Pengornia. He had met the Pengcorn King Yang, as well as his two daughters Kinky and Rowiyah. Kinky and Rowiyah are both twins. Both of them had left to go to the land of monkeys for a checkup. King Yang had trusted Donald and decided to give him a tour of their Castle. During the tour, he had brought him to the vault that had all the nuclear weapons. Donald Trump held an arquebus in his hand and shot King Yang as well as all the soldiers. Donald Trump had then killed all of Pengcornia. When Rowiyah and Kinky came back, they were able to stop Donald Trump by throwing knives at him with their mouths. They were the only ones left and they couldn't reproduce. The other Pengcorns were too far away from Kinky and Rowiyah, leaving them forced to be isolated from everything and everyone.

The Queen Of Pengcornia!

Marzan Noshin is the very first human to ever meet a Pengcorn, her dead husband King Yang! When the two of them met, it was love at first sight. King Yang was the one who got pregnant with their twins Kinky and Rowiyah! Queen Marzan didn't know that they were expecting twins. Before they were born, Queen Marzan had saved King Yang from the vicious dragon Gorton! Queen Marzan had taken her life in order to save the love of her life! She is remembered as a hero!

Marzan Noshin Marzan Noshin Marzan Noshin



The Images Of The Penguins, Unicorns, and Arrows Were Found on Google!

The Information Used On This Site Was Given By Queen Marzan Of Pengcornia!